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Sunday Sermons

We aim to record most of our sermons and talks here at St Paul's and would like to share them with as many people as possible. Below is a list of the most recent sermons available for you to listen to. This is done by clicking on ‘audio’ in the list. You can also download study notes to help you explore further, by clicking on ’notes’.

We have also started video streaming some of our services online check out or for more content.
For questions about the recordings please contact the sound team on
Church Family (download)
Dawn Lucas, 19/06/2022
Stewardship (download)
Graham Everness, 12/06/2022
Sovereignty of God and the Holy Spirit (download)
Becky Taylor, 05/06/2022
Being Church: Freedom in Christ (download)
Alex Cacouris, 29/05/2022
Being Church: Corporate Christian Distinctiveness (download)
Peter Nevins, 22/05/2022
Being Church: Counter Cultural Church (download)
Alex Cacouris, 15/05/2022
Being Church: Christ's Church (download)
Graham Everness, 08/05/2022
Sovereignty & Evangelism (download)
Becky Taylor, 01/05/2022
Bringing the order of Heaven to earth (download)
Jeff Yelland, 24/04/2022
Easter Sunday (download)
Alex Cacouris, 17/04/2022

To listen back to older sermons have a search through all our recordings here, or contact the sound team if you can't find what you are looking for.

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