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Newsletter Easter 2021

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.
We have had yet another incredible term and restrictions are now lifting more. It’s delightful to have the opportunity of 6 whole people (or 2 families) together in a garden! My son had his friends come round on Thursday, when we broke up, and they sat outside, with fish and chips and it was so refreshing to hear them all chatting and laughing. The fish and chips were a real treat too! I had the children’s portion from ‘Sea Breeze’ and it was still a battle to finish off….I persevered! I do realise that I am only a fan of chips it they are slathered in ketchup, salt and vinegar. So actually, I surmise, that I am not a real fan of chips at all as they are merely a vehicle for my love of condiments. Anyway, I seem to have digressed!
The children made you beautiful Easter cards. It was an inspirational use of a ‘masher’: simplistic and yet stunning. It’s also a great opportunity for them to make their own mark, to take ownership of their gift. It is so interesting the stages they are at, with pen holding and confidence. Their journey whilst they are with us is huge. They have quite often doubled their lifetime when they leave us! We have a huge and crucial time with them, and yet again we thank you for letting us be part of it.
Nicola was also inspired with her maths theme, which is on the website. There was an adding machine and also a number threading device. These were great activities for number recognition and also for seeing quantities: by putting 2 counters down one pipe and then 3 down the other, you can tangibly witness that there are 5 as a result. Also, the counters feel so nice and smooth and are very colourful, appealing to all different senses and ways of learning.
We had a lovely Easter Egg hunt. I must thank Mark for donating his girls’ Easter treats as my amazon delivery didn’t arrive, so I was in full panic mode on Wednesday night! I have replenished his stocks though. It was lovely going up to the Forest School and hunting, whilst being lured by the primroses (which Primmy proudly declared were her flower) and bugs, butterflies and birds. It was lovely to be up there. The younger and newer children hunted in our garden area, so we all had a really nice prelude to the holidays, and a particularly enjoyable snack time. We were quite cruel, that they could only eat their eggs if they were able to unwrap them. We witnessed perseverance like never before…and pure joy at personal success. This is the essence of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, but I fear chocolate is not an acceptable resource on a daily basis!
After Easter, we will be using our role play area as a market stall. We have new scales; paper bags and we will be using the tills (card payments only!!!). We have a bus to take them there, so it will be quite an adventure. We will obviously be teaching them cockney rhyming slang, as we will be in full method acting roles!
We start afternoons as soon as we return. We are at maximum 12 per session, which is very exciting. We have a lot of activities planes already and are looking forward to using our Forest School area more, including our bell tent and new firepit (when it finally arrives!). Please make sure your children are appropriately dressed for rain or shine, or most realistically: both!
Can I just say that on behalf of the Nursery, we are delighted that Alex Cacouris is officially our New Vicar! It’s such good news. Not that I am biased! We are really looking forward to seeing more of him in the Nursery as lock down lifts. His enthusiasm is wonderful so we will be so happy for the children to get to know him within our setting, and hopefully Jane as well.
Naomi will be checking emails and messages, so if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact her. We are obviously on the Easter break, so responses may not be as super prompt as usual with her speed dial response!
So, on that note, I will bid you adieu.
Lots of love as always,

Jacquie, Katie, Nicola, Mark, Juliette and Naomi xxxxxx

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