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Our Vision

Our vision is "to be a growing community of grace". 

We are committed to growth - both growing in the depth of our faith in Christ, and growing numerically as a church. We grow by connecting, serving and giving as part of belonging to the church, and we grow numerically as we welcome new people and reach out to welcome people who are not yet members. 

We are committed to being a real community - not a religious social club. At St Paul's our heart is for authentic community, where people of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life, are known for who they really are, and together we live life in all its fullness. 

Our vision is of the grace of God to be at the core of all our teaching, relationships and outreach. The good news of God's grace in Christ is what makes the Christian faith unique and life-transforming. Grace is undeserved favour - we are loved and accepted, forgiven and set free - not because of anything we have done to earn love, but because God is completely gracious towards us. In the life, death and resurrection of Jesus - God has done all that was needed to heal the broken relationship between us, and so we can receive his forgiveness and life as a free gift of grace. This is the solid foundation of our relationship with God, and it is the basis of our relationships with other people, both within the church and in our wider communities.

We are learning together how to be a growing community of grace, and we would love you to join the adventure. 

Please email us if you would like to know more. 



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