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Work Out

Work Out  is a forum and network for those in and out of work who are seeking to live a total life under the Lordship of Christ.
Many of us spend the majority of our time at work, and so Work Out exists to help us live lives worthy of Christ in the workplace. The group seeks to explore real workplace issues, with people who have real experience in trying to work them out!
Simon Gardner comments: I recently purchased a book by Laurie Beth Jones entitled “Jesus CEO – Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership.” It made me think …

  • How would my life at work be different if Jesus was my 'CEO'?
  • How would my behavior as a leader at work differ if I fully adopted Jesus’ leadership principles in the work place?

Materials from talks and discussions at the Work Out Publication 2015monthly Work Out meetings have been summarised in booklet form to explore these and other issues.
They are available to view:  2015-16 booklet and 2017-2018 booklet
Work Out -  is a midweek fresh expression of church.

Work Out -  is a network for those seeking to integrate the life of work to Christian faith.

Work Out -  meets monthly in St Paul's Church on a Friday 12.30 to 1.30pm with a light lunch provided. The meetings and other events are short, sharp and packed with practical stuff connecting faith with work. Check the calendar for the forthcoming meeting dates.

Work Out -  is not just for those who can attend meetings. Much of the group’s activity is involved with networking and is conducted electronically.

Work Out -  is run by Simon Gardner. 

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