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Staff Vacancies

We currently have 3 vacancies arising at St Paul's - our Worship Pastor is leaving due to becoming ordained, we have a Youth Pastor vacancy, and our Operations Manager is retiring after 17 years in the role. Please see below for details of the roles and how to apply.  The vicar, Ruth Bushyager, warmly welcomes any informal expressions of interest - simply email

Worship Pastor & Youth Pastor

At St Paul’s church our vision is to be a growing community of grace, with every member becoming increasingly courageous for Christ.  We desire to grow numerically and in depth of discipleship, living in authentic community with each other and for each member to go deeper into the riches of God’s grace in Christ Jesus.  To help us to see our vision become a reality, we are seeking to appoint a Worship Pastor & Youth Pastor.  This is shown here as one combined role, which can be full time, but there is significant flexibility - it may be offered as two separate roles - please see details under ‘remuneration’. 

In our contemporary worship music ministries, we aspire to excellence and authenticity,  with modern worship that is accessible to newcomers and that helps to lead people into encountering God in our services and expressing heartfelt worship of Him.  The Worship & Youth Pastor will be an experienced worship leader, leading a large team of gifted contemporary musicians, and will serve alongside our Choir Director who oversees our traditional musical worship. 

St Paul’s church has a thriving ministry and mission among children and young people, which is overseen by our full time Youth & Children’s Minister.  The Worship & Youth Pastor will serve especially to build on the recent development of thriving new midweek older youth ministry at St Paul’s, and monthly discipleship meetings for teenage girls.

Role Description

Staff: As a member of St Paul’s staff team, the Worship & Youth Pastor will contribute to wider church ministry and mission, planning and implementation of our 'vision' and Mission Action Plan.  They will serve in line with the St Paul’s staff team vision, values and code of conduct attached below.

This role is subject to enhanced DBS checks.

Worship:  Core responsibilities:

  • To lead and develop all aspects of contemporary worship at St Paul’s in line with our church vision and Mission Action Plan,
  • To lead worship regularly at the 10.30 and 6.30 services on Sundays, at festivals & events
  • To train and mentor new and existing musicians, especially focussed on the rising generation.  
  • To provide pastoral and administrative support to musicians, sound and visuals teams.
  • Oversee the recruitment, training and management of the sound and visual teams.
  • Oversee maintenance of band and sound equipment including budget management
 Youth:  Core responsibilities:
  • To disciple young people at St Paul’s to become mature followers of Christ, to lead others in that calling, and to equip young people to be disciples who disciple others.
  • To be a leader in mission to reach local young people and see them come to faith in Christ.
  • With the CYM Minister, to lead and grow the team of volunteer youth ministers
  • To provide appropriate pastoral care of young people at St Paul’s
  • To work with the Safeguarding Team to maintain the highest standards of Safeguarding practice across the full breadth of children and youth ministries at St Paul’s church
  • To support parents and wider church family in the spiritual nurture of young people
  • To work effectively with others towards the sound financial and administrative management of the CYM department and its resources
Personal Characteristics:

We are looking to appoint someone who

  • has deep, personal faith in Jesus and a desire to grow as His disciple.
  • is an excellent team-player who is humble, enthusiastic, resilient, proactive, and emotionally intelligent.
  • is well-grounded in Scripture, good at communicating in a range of contexts - including to large gatherings and one-to-one
  • can evidence experience of fruitful spiritual leadership, worship leading, pastoral care and ministry with both adults and young people.
  • is committed to raising up disciples of all ages, especially teenagers and young adults
  • is a natural evangelist who can communicate faith compellingly and appropriately
  • has strong organisational and administrative skills
  • will guard and grow their own relationship with Christ, including the disciplines of prayer, bible study, rest and self-care

There is flexibility of the role, hours, and pay - and informal expressions of interest are highly welcome, where this flexibility can be explored.  The role can be a full time Worship & Youth pastor position, or two part time roles of Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor. Please contact the vicar Ruth for details of salary. There is a flexible start date - from June 2019.  1 year contract with possibility of extension.  Term-time only contract a possibility. It is also possible for this to be a suitable role for an Ordinand on a distance-learning / mixed-mode/ context-based training course.  We are happy to explore housing options. Please contact the vicar, Rev’d Ruth Bushyager, on to arrange an informal conversation.

The role comes with

  • Reimbursable ministry expenses
  • Pension
  • Freedom to supplement income with other part time work
  • Potential for theological education paid for by the church and ongoing professional development including leadership training and coaching.
  • 4 weeks annual leave, as well as rest periods after Christmas and Easter, and bank holidays

Application :
To express an interest, chat through the roles, or to apply - please email the vicar on . Application deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 16th April, with shortlisting on Weds 17th. Interviews will happen on Weds 24th April.  Start date is flexible from June 2019 onwards, depending on circumstances.

Interim Operations Manager


Job Description
We are recruiting for an interim Operations Manager, which will be a 6 month post while we review the role. Deadline for applications is Thurs 11th April, interviews 16th April, start date 23rd April. Working days Tues, Wed, Thurs, but there may be flexibility. Please apply by emailing your full CV to with a covering letter detailing the reasons for your application.

The vision of St Paul’s church is to be a growing community of grace. The efficient and effective operation of our facilities and resources is critical in order for us to fulfil our vision and we therefore appoint an Operations Manager:

  1. Ensuring that the management of our facilities at St Paul’s is efficient and effective in line with the vision and values of our church
  2. Liaison with Facilities manager, maintenance team,  and Health and Safety officer
  3. Liaison with external contractors to ensure clean, safe, and fit for for purpose facilities
  4. Responsible for all aspects of letting the premises to outside users and hirers.  Includes full
  5. oversight of the church bookings diary, issuing appropriate Terms of Use, Health and Safety and Fire concerns, Safeguarding concerns, Insurance concerns, management of deposits and invoicing in partnership with the Finance Team. Record-keeping for the GNG and 106 Agreement.
  6. Oversight of all logistics and operations including internal church usage - the regular pattern of events and services, and irregular events and services (eg Occasional Offices), including liaison with Chair Team.
  7. Oversee the arrangements for unlocking and locking up the premises.
  8. Play a role in communicating with the public and church family
  9. Responding to calls, emails and visitors to the site (where the Receptionist team are unable to respond)
  10. Working with the Receptionists Team, welcoming and extending hospitality to visitors on the premises during weekdays. 
  11. Working closely with the staff and Communications Coordinator to help ensure publicity of events is effective

St Paul's Dorking – Staff and ministry team vision and values

Church Vision: to be a growing community of grace, increasingly courageous for Christ.  

Staff Team Vision:

  •         To further the mission of the church
  •         To cultivate high levels of trust, value, vision and joy – together and in the teams we lead
  •         To model to the congregation the power of close, gracious, accountable Christian partnership
  •         To support each other in our different ministries, especially through prayer
  •         To help each other walk closely with our Lord Jesus and become more like Him

Staff Values

1.       We will be real with each other, working to live in open, transparent friendship, slow to judge, eager to listen, and quick to forgive.
2.       We will not allow conflict to go underground
3.       We will respect the absolute privacy of anything confidential discussed at staff level
4.       We will not express criticism or be negative about a member of the team to someone else. Where there is genuine concern we will address it to the person or refer it to the Vicar
5.       Attendance at staff meetings and staff prayers will be our first priority as a mark of our commitment to each other
6.       We will pledge to uphold the highest standards of integrity in our ministry and personal lives – especially in relation to financial matters, sexual conduct, and the use of power.
7.       We will value the diversity of personality and styles of ministry in the team
8.       We will safeguard the right to express a genuine difference of opinion without endangering mutual respect
9.       We will always support the decisions made at staff level even when it has not been possible to attain unanimity on an issue
10.   We will receive critique without rancour
11.   We will be willing to take appropriate risks as a team
12.   We will not regard something that is ultimately unsuccessful as simply a personal failure but an opportunity to learn and grow
13.   We will ensure proper time is given for rest and regular refreshment
14.   We will not envy or foster insecurity over each other’s gifts or strengths, neither will we exploit each other’s weaknesses
15.   We will not put negative emotional content in emails – but will talk when difficulties arise.
16.   We will respect boundaries in relation to personal space and family life.
Nicola Glass, 19/03/2019

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