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St Paul's Dorking – Staff and ministry team vision and values

Church Vision: to be a growing community of grace, increasingly courageous for Christ.  

Staff Team Vision:

  •         To further the mission of the church
  •         To cultivate high levels of trust, value, vision and joy – together and in the teams we lead
  •         To model to the congregation the power of close, gracious, accountable Christian partnership
  •         To support each other in our different ministries, especially through prayer
  •         To help each other walk closely with our Lord Jesus and become more like Him

Staff Values

1.       We will be real with each other, working to live in open, transparent friendship, slow to judge, eager to listen, and quick to forgive.
2.       We will not allow conflict to go underground
3.       We will respect the absolute privacy of anything confidential discussed at staff level
4.       We will not express criticism or be negative about a member of the team to someone else. Where there is genuine concern we will address it to the person or refer it to the Vicar
5.       Attendance at staff meetings and staff prayers will be our first priority as a mark of our commitment to each other
6.       We will pledge to uphold the highest standards of integrity in our ministry and personal lives – especially in relation to financial matters, sexual conduct, and the use of power.
7.       We will value the diversity of personality and styles of ministry in the team
8.       We will safeguard the right to express a genuine difference of opinion without endangering mutual respect
9.       We will always support the decisions made at staff level even when it has not been possible to attain unanimity on an issue
10.   We will receive critique without rancour
11.   We will be willing to take appropriate risks as a team
12.   We will not regard something that is ultimately unsuccessful as simply a personal failure but an opportunity to learn and grow
13.   We will ensure proper time is given for rest and regular refreshment
14.   We will not envy or foster insecurity over each other’s gifts or strengths, neither will we exploit each other’s weaknesses
15.   We will not put negative emotional content in emails – but will talk when difficulties arise.
16.   We will respect boundaries in relation to personal space and family life.
Nicola Glass, 23/01/2020

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