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Finance @ St Paul's

At St Paul's Church we have an annual budget of around £360,000 to support the various areas of ministry with which we are engaged here in Dorking and further afield. The budget is set each year by the PCC to help us fulfil our God given calling in this season. The Treasurer, Oli Fricker, manages the overall finances of the church on behalf of the PCC.
For details of how to give to St Paul's Church, please see our Giving page.
The Budget Setting Process 
To help manage our finances and to empower those leading the different ministries and activities of the church, the PCC delegates its authority to spend money to several individuals. A benefit of devolved budget responsibility is that the budget holders should be best placed to know the link between what we're spending and their particular areas of ministry. During the autumn, in consultation with their teams, these budget holders consider the resources they need to realise and develop their ministries in conjunction with our Mission Action Plan.
After the individual budget requests have been combined, the PCC reviews the whole picture and prayerfully sets priorities for the year ahead.
Day to Day Budget Management
Once the budget has been set by the PCC, budget holders are authorised to spend up to a given amount for specific purposes. We are grateful to the team of budget holders because the work they do approving and monitoring expenditure has a direct impact on our ability to use our resources wisely and effectively.
Who Can Spend the Church's Money?
The PCC is accountable to The Charity Commission for how the church's money is used. Nobody may spend the church's money without first being authorised by the PCC, a responsibility which may be delegated to the PCC Exec team or in turn to the Treasurer. In accordance with good practice, all payments by cheque or via the BACS system require two authorised signatories to approve them.
What do I do if I Need to Buy Something for the Church?
If you need to spend money on behalf of the church please obtain approval beforehand. To help with knowing who can give this approval a list of budget holders is available from the Finance Team.  Please contact the relevant budget holder in advance.
To reclaim money that has been spent on behalf of the church, please complete the expense claim form (available in pdf or Excel) and return to the Finance Team at the address on the form accompanied with relevant receipts and the appropriate approval from the budget holder. Payments can be made via BACS direct to a bank account if bank details are provided.
Contact the Finance Team
The Finance Team may be emailed to

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