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Newsletter December 2021

Oh my! This is the last newsletter of this year. And what a year…but we still have so much more to cram into the next two weeks before we break up on FRIDAY 17 DECEMBER.
The wonderful team have just set up the Nursery for Christmas cheer and it has been transformed into a winter wonderland. It delights me to step back and look at how lucky we are – not just with the loveliness of our setting, but also with the superlative team and their oozing positivity and involvement in all the extras that will enhance your children’s experiences. I am expecting gasps of awe as you come in tomorrow to collect your littles. I have stayed on to appreciate the decorations to write this newsletter. I am filled with joy and pride.
Going back to us breaking up on Friday 17th December, please make sure this date is in your diary as it is our Advent Journey Party one parent/carer is invited. It always sounds so regimented saying that as we would love to throw open the doors to you all, but particularly now, with increased restrictions, we must minimalise the gathering. Also, please bring face masks. We have a rather regimented agenda so bear with me and please be indulgent if I may need to tweak this routine…the fact that it is still taking place is sooooooooooo exciting. So here goes:
*  All children who usually attend on Friday will be registered as normal at 9.15. Please bring only what they need for that day, including their prepared Christmas lunch. Parents/Carers will then pick their child up at 9.50 and the children will be signed out before they head to the Advent Journey Party with their grown up. The Early Bird Café will be open that morning for you to loiter. Their grown up will then accompany them around the journey and will have responsibility for them. (oooh that sounds formal!)

*  Children who do not attend on Friday will arrive at, and enter the church, at 10am for the Advent Journey with their parent/carer and they will be accompanied and in the care of their grown up for the event. (ooohhh…that sounds even more formal!)

*  The new children who are set to start after Christmas will head home before lunch too.

*  The Advent journey is in fact a journey (well I never!) and the children will have activities following The Nativity. They will have a passport and can get stickers to mark their journey.

*  There will be refreshments that the lovely volunteers from the Church, led by Rowena, will supply from 10-11. I love a mince pie. I set myself a challenge every year to find my favourite and I have already sampled many. My favourite so far is Sainsbury’s Pack of 4 short crust mince pies. But I digress…

*  After much fun, frolicks and fiddle dee dees, we will take the children who attend Nursery into the Early Bird Café room for their individual Christmas lunch (WHICH YOU PROVIDE) and you are welcome in with masks to see your littles and socialise and even sway to the Christmas tunes!

* The Paaaaaardy will have to finish promptly at 12.15. Well, let’s face it: that’s later than Cinderella!
Last but not least about the end of term. PLEASE COLLECT ALL YOUR CHILD’S BELONGINGS FROM THEIR PEG BY THURSDAY 16TH DECEMBER, AS THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS TO THE NURSERY AFTER THE ADVENT JOURNEY. That so looks like I’m shouting but I’m not, I just need to be sure that this plethora of information is being delivered coherently!

I am so hoping that nothing will change in the next 2 weeks to foil our cunning plans, so I am going to reiterate that if your child has any of the COVID 19 symptoms, please do a lateral flow test. This is cough, temperature, tricky tummy…

Please read the new guidelines
Term starts on Thursday 6th January. Next term we have offered Afternoon sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3pm for the older children. The first session is set to be Tuesday 11th January We have had feedback from you but really need clarification so as we can see if these sessions will be viable. Please let us know by Wednesday 8th December your decisions on if you are taking a place either/or on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have had less interest than we expected, which is a shame as these sessions offer Forest School and an incredible range of school ready activities from our outstanding team. Katie is providing Early Talk Boost sessions to children as we are all trained in this field.  The sessions end at 3pm which is an important way your children can become accustomed to a longer day in their safe and familiar environment.
Let’s enjoy the last few weeks of term and celebrate this bizarre and yet ‘cherishable’ year
See you all soon.
Loads of festive love
Jacquie, Katie, Nicola, Juliette, Charlotte, Naomi (and an inkling of Mark who has helped out and covered here and there this term). xxxxxxx

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