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Newsletter w/c Monday 14 June 2021

What a week we had, focussed on ‘child safety’. We had the bikes and trikes out as well as zebra crossings, stop and go signs and other pertinent road safety props. It was great and very practical learning, including our traffic light activity. We always use story time to reinforce our themes and “Emergency” covers all aspects. It’s worth looking at “Cross the Road safely with Ziggy” for support as well as the adorable “King of the Road” child safety YouTube. Obviously, ‘child safety week’ covers so many topics that we are constantly addressing from road safety, not keeping secrets, how to respond to a stranger, online safety, getting lost, sun care and healthy eating. On a daily basis we are dealing with these in an unobtrusive and sensitive manner. As you know, safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do and this week it is indeed “Healthy Eating Week”. We have set up a restaurant. it’s vegan at present with pulses and rice to explore texturally and mathematically as we mix the sensory with measuring, weighing…oh then there’s the physical with pouring and…..the reasons for our role play area are so varied and it also focuses on HOW your child learns. Actually, Thursday is “Eat your Vegetable” day, so we may have some crudités in a retro 1970s way. We culminate the week with “Picnic Day” on Friday, so let’s hope the weather is kind. There’s nothing wrong with an indoor picnic though! What a week we have ahead of us! The Change4life site is a good one to look at all these topics.
However, going back to the week that was, we had a Fire drill on Wednesday, and I must say your littles surpassed themselves. We prepped them before, and then we listened out for a siren.  We had to be mindful of assuaging any potential anxiety in changing routines and certainly not catastrophising the event!!! We beat our record for timing as we lined up at the top of the slope and took the register. I was so proud of them, and Nicola got a whoosh as our superlative “Fire Warden”.
The boat in the role play area was a real success and a beautiful space with waves and sea animals as well as books that really encouraged their appreciation and interest of the oceans. It’s wonderful that we can plan according to your children’s interests, using calendrical (I love that word, derived from calendar) themes to reinforce these. We read about Stanley the plastic bag and talked about why we have to keep plastic out of the sea. We made jelly fish, and rainbow fish in the Afternoon sessions.
Also, last week Mark got a much coveted, and rarely given, “whoosh” for his spectacular endeavours in building the new climbing frame. It was bought as part of our Outdoor leaning grant from Surrey County Council. Mark brought his tools from home and with the children’s help (Particular “Shout out” for Imogen, Hugo, Rafe, Doug and Jess), he conquered the instructions and now they have their own swinging, climbing, sitting cuboid. We will put more images up on Facebook and Instagram as well as the website. Thank you for handing in your permission slips regarding your child’s images on Facebook. We are only going to include them on that and not on Instagram, which will be more “pinterest” type images. Oh, get us! Actually, this is Katie’s fantastic set-up. I must admit, she got a whoosh too! It sounds like I give them out willy-nilly, but that is so far from the truth! Juliette needs to get a few ideas going now….no pressure!!!
I hope you are all signed up to do the July 30 challenge. I’ll be running it, probably over a few days. I was delighted that Val, one of our lovely volunteers, is signed up to walk it with her sister. You go Val! We are particularly hoping to raise money for outside cover for the garden to add to our constant use of the space albeit in the rain or sun as it is now. We would also like some parasols for the tables so the children can sit out and be shaded.
Thinking about the weather, a quick reminder to sun cream them up before they come, please, and make sure they have sun hats and sensible footwear. Crocs can be a bit of a liability as can ‘fashionable’ open toed sandals. These are not particularly conducive to running, climbing and generally being active, but are rather good at tumbles! Also, for the afternoon sessions, please have long clothes for your children. We cannot negate the possibility of tics and we certainly have a lot of stinging nettles, which the butterflies and bees love, but our little ones find them more upsetting, when they are stung.
Our potatoes are doing really well up in Forest School, and our strawberries are beginning to show their fruit. It’s an important lesson for children “No pick. No lick” as it is so tempting to pick off an under ripe strawberry or tomatoes, but we really encourage them to understand the importance of leaving them to grow. A request please. If you have any spare soil or compost, can you throw it our way? We have used so much for planting, that the mud kitchen needs replenishing. I have been to the garden centre and bought some, but just to let you know, we are always keen for freebies, particularly recycled! It’s also International Mud Day on 29th June, so we need sufficient to partake in the ‘mud-pie bake off’!
So, bring on another week! It’s Father’s Day (again…Father’s or Fathers’? I err on the latter as I feel it’s collective with lots of Fathers! However, we are all entitled to our own opinions!) on Sunday 20th. And this coming Tuesday it’s Smile Power Day. My cheeks will be aching!

So, let me wish you all a wonderful, sunny, and smiley week!
Lots of Love as always,
Jacquie, Katie, Nicola, Mark, Juliette and Naomi.

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