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Last Week's Church Family Friday E-mail

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Email issued Friday 22nd May 2020
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'This I know....'

Dear all,
Happy bank holiday weekend!  I only realised that it was earlier this week.  And for parents with school age children, next week is half term as well apparently!  Things we looked forward to in the days before Covid-19 seem to pass by almost unnoticed now.  And the return to 'normal' seems to be sliding backwards day by day so what we put our hope in;  an antibody test, track & trace, a vaccine, the full reopening of schools, cafes and restaurants are like mirages that are tantalisingly close and then gone again.
The book of Job, though not easy reading, is really worth a read if you can make time.  Job endured suffering that is quite unimaginable.  But right in the very middle of the book, in the midst of the deepest soul searching, isolation, frustration and brokenness, when everything is lost he says this.

'I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God, I myself will see him with my own eyes.......How my heart yearns within me!'

It is understandably easy and comforting to know when our seemingly endless lockdown and isolation will come to an end, but I think Job reminds us again today that our greatest hope, our unchanging, everpresent, undeniable, inconquerable, eternal Hope is Jesus.  And as Job reminds us, in the midst of our suffering, whatever shape that may take, our Redeemer does live and not only will we SEE Him with our own eyes one day face to face, eye to eye but His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, lives in us now and can sustain, encourage and comfort us today.  

Why not give yourself a full minute now to read,  pause and re-read Job's words, and in quiet ask God to breath life into the words so that they would sink into your heart as well as your head.

God bless you,
This week at St Paul's
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Richard Moy will be speaking at both morning services.  Richard is a regional director of New Wine
 & co-leads Christ Church W4.

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Ruth highly recommends Wildfires Online Festival
starting this Sunday 24th May

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Daily Hope  0800 804 8044 - free phone line with range of options to listen to - This was launched by Justin Welby for the duration of lockdown and is run in conjunction with 'Connections - faith in later life' at Holy Trinity Claygate.
Whilst you may have on-line access, perhaps you know of others who might enjoy using this telephone facility - give it a try yourself and pass it on to others.
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  We are all encountering similar conditions of lockdown but our personal health, living arrangements and daily commitments mean that we will be experiencing it very differently from one another. 
The Mind & Soul Foundation has some superb resources and articles you can read to help you or pass onto someone you think would benefit from them.  ( )
Thank you to everyone who donated to Christian Aid & to those who attended last week's zoom quiz.  Well done to Steve Moggs for organising & thank you for all your donations - £702.50 was raised, including gift aid.
Katie Mackay sends her thanks for the church family's prayers & kind thoughts on the death of her mother.  Heather Mackay's funeral will be family only on June 8th at Surrey & Sussex crematorium.  Please continue to pray for Katie and all the family.
Please note that the Church & Church Centre remain closed.  There is currently no access for anyone.  Sue Swain-Fossey will update us when this changes
Over 2,000 people have started the Alpha Course Online since lockdown began. HTB are starting two new sessions every Wednesday throughout lockdown.
Time: Wednesdays 10am and 7.30pm
Focus: Anyone wanting to explore the Christian faith
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Ways To Worship
Some great ways you can pray, sing & worship God - alone or as a family
A Prayer of Comfort

Father God,
I trust that You are in control of my life at all times.
Calm my heart, God,
and keep it away from the spirit of fear and anxiety.
Surround me with Your peace that surpasses all understanding.
Please walk with me through the challenges that I or those I know are going through.
Enable me, God, to have patience and to fully depend on You for strength, that I may
soar on wings like eagles.  Amen

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So, let's take a moment and pray. 

This is what Stuart himself says about this song, words that seem so appropriate at the moment:
 "Hope plays a huge part in all our lives, but the sad fact is that many of the things we put our hope in, even as Christians, are insubstantial and uncertain - a better job, recovery from illness, success for our children and so on.  But none of them comes with any guarantees.  Christian hope is different.  It deals with things we haven't received yet, but we can be absolutely certain we will get them! The hope that no matter how dark and difficult life gets, Christ will always be there with us; the hope that one day we will see Him face to face.  These are future certainties that lift our heads and give us real hope and confidence in life."
Love, Alison Everness

Children's & Youth
Youth on SUNDAY:
Our 11 –14s group will be running again this Sunday. Stack up with toast, hot chocolate or a even post workout glass of water (anyone?). Contact to find out the Zoom codes if you’re not being sent them already. 
Children’s & Families on SUNDAY:
We will have two online children’s group’s this week. Natacha and Oli will once again be hosting a 3 –6s group and Explorers (school yr3 – yr6) will be online too.  Contact to find out the Zoom codes if you’re not being sent them already. 
MIDWEEK activities @ St Paul's will pause over half-term, but see below
We’re so grateful to all our leaders who’ve been prepping and running all the programmes.  There’s still plenty available to access though. If you want some ideas how to use the extra time, just get in touch - in the meantime, take a look at the following:

The WILDFIRE FESTIVAL CHILDREN'S ministry is available in a lounge near you next week. (And the queue for the toilet is shorter too!).
Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th May, 4pm
Exciting, interactive sessions.  Including worship, games, craft, storytelling and a Praise Ship Orbitron Live party.
You’ll find all you need right here, make sure you’ve got your fancy dress ready for Tuesday!  (

There’s a GREAT opportunity to connect with
Each day of Wildfires Youth will consist of: 
10am Morning devotional across various social media platforms
7pm evening sessions packed with big challenges, special guests, worship from across the country & inspiring talks designed to equip young people where they are.
9pm After Hours – from Quiz Nights to a talent contests; every night will be as big and as fun as possible! (And probably a little chaotic too!) (

XL TV Update: We’ve been having a blast making XL TV and we really hope the children have been getting something out of it as well. (It’d be really helpful to hear any feedback to help shape future episodes). As it looks like it’s going to be a while before we can be all together again, it’s one way we can stay a little bit connected. With that in mind, we’re looking at creating something that is sustainable. Each episode takes about 3-4 days to produce, film and edit, (that’s of course in addition to everyone’s school work etc). and while the team are very dedicated we know we need to find a healthy balance. So, here’s our plan for the next few weeks. We’re planning to continue to having something out each week. Hopefully, it’ll be a  full XL TV episode every other week. With a much short “XL TV Mini” in between.  A big thank you to our young leaders who been so committed to it all.
SCHOOLS RETURNING: We know some schools are tentatively planning to return so we’ll be reviewing how best to resource and support in sync with all that.  Watch this space.
Please let us know how things are going for your family. We’d love to find ways to resource and support you further in any way we can.
Love Steve (email:
Community News
Volunteering / Support
We are aiming to provide practical and prayerful support to all those in our parish who need help. 

If you are feeling isolated or are self isolating and need help or just a friendly chat please email

If you are healthy and able we would love your help.  Please email and we'll be in touch with ways you can serve.

If you live in another neighbourhood, get involved with your active group locally if you can.

Please continue to donate items to our foodbank.  For convenience we have relocated our church collection basket to the outside of the church - in the south porch.  So if you would prefer to drop something off here rather than the supermarkets please do so. 

Click here for the regular list of items that Food Bank request as well as an updated list of most needed items.  This weeks most needed items 
  • Single Adult Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Packs Of Muesli Bars
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Packs Of 4 Toilet Rolls
If you are feeling isolated, are self isolating or ill - let us know - we'd like to support you in prayer and practical ways, email
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Nicola Glass, 23/03/2020

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