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What is My ChurchSuite?

My ChurchSuite is a great tool for helping you keep up-to-date with everything at St Paul's.
You can sign up to events, check your rotas (& arrange a swap!), update your contact details, 
donate & so much more! You can access My ChurchSuite through the website or by downloading the
free app on your phone/tablet.

Click here to log in to My ChurchSuite


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Logging in to My ChurchSuite                                                                                        Download the app

Complete My ChurchSuite User Guide                                                                         App Store Download Google Play Download



I've downloaded the app, but can't find our church!
        Some people have had a problem with the search option - the easiest way to find us is by typing in         
        'stpaulsdorking' (all lowercase, all one word) & we should appear at the top of the dropdown menu.

How secure is My ChurchSuite?
It’s roughly as secure as your bank – but if you want the technical stuff, read on!

All of ChurchSuite uses SSL encryption, meaning that all the data passing between your device and the ChurchSuite server does so using 256-bit military grade encryption. SSL is an industry standard technology and one you're probably familiar with if you use online banking; it's the same technology used by all the major UK and international banks.

How confidential are my personal details & can I ask for them to not be visible?
Church members may access their own individual details and have the option of making their name, address and contact details (email and telephone) available to other St Paul’s members.

A small number of the St Paul's Staff Team have access to the Address Book and therefore have wider-access to personal data on the main database. Collectively this group maintain ChurchSuite and act as system managers. St Paul's Dorking and ChurchSuite themselves, are continually working to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations 2018).

When you first login to My ChurchSuite, the default setting will not show any of your details to other church members (not even your name). Until you tick the relevant boxes and make them visible, other church members will not be able to see your details. We've disabled the 'Search For Others' option, so the only other church members who will be able to see any details you make visible in My ChurchSuite are those who are on a rota with you.

Are children’s details also held on My ChurchSuite?
Yes – Children’s groups and activities are recorded in a separate section under the direct control of our Children’s and Youth Pastors. A child’s record is linked to their parents and only parents have access to the data held on their children through My ChurchSuite. Parents can update or amend the details as they wish. One important feature is that parents will be able to record information such as their children's allergies and special needs.

Please note that if your child is on a rota, their name (and only their name), will be visible to those who are also on a rota.

What’s so great about My Rotas?
My Rotas allows you to instantly find out when you are next serving for any given ministry you are involved in. A significant benefit of My Rotas is that it identifies clashes clearly, which can so easily be overlooked by volunteers with busy lives. Equally you can add in your unavailability in advance to help your ministry leader when scheduling rotas. And if you ever find you need to swap with someone you can quickly and easily arrange this; my ChurchSuite will even email the ministry leader for you!

How about Church members who do not have a smart phone, iPad, access to a computer or an email address?
Existing communication routes will continue for members who cannot, or prefer not to, receive emails. One of the many advantages of ChurchSuite is that we can easily identify church members who do not have email addresses and make sure that they receive information in another form.

You'll also be able to sign up for events by using one of our iPads at our services in the future.

What if we only have a shared email address?
Families who share an email address can still use My ChurchSuite. Each family member is sent a My ChurchSuite email invitation, which will have a unique login link, so each individual can set their own personal password (just make sure it’s different from the rest of your family).
How do I get a login to My ChurchSuite?
Each person has to be invited to access My ChurchSuite - if you'd like to get connected please email
I'm having problems accessing My ChurchSuite, but have a login. Is there someone I can contact to help me?
Your home group leader will be able to offer you some support when starting out with My ChurchSuite. If you're not in a home group, or you've got questions they can't answer(!), send an email to or call the church office & we'll put you in touch with someone who can help you.

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