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Watch XL TV every Thursday at 4pm during the current coronavirus season

From the start at 4.30pm until pick up at 7pm, XL is rammed with more stuff than we could really try and list here, but we’ll try !

After arriving from about 4.15 onwards, (or being collected directly from Action House), we sign in, pop £2 in the pot and all have a quick catch-up. Next is a meal together (main and pudding with a good chance of 2nds!). Then it’s pack down time, working together to clear up, wash up and set the room for what’s coming after. What follows is a jammed home straight of games, songs, discussions, Bible time, prayer and a lot of fun.


They say all sorts about XL.

 “XL is a place where I feel l can be myself. I can ask questions about God, talk about having a faith without worrying what others will think of me.”

“I feel really safe at XL. I don’t feel judged the same way I do when I’m at school sometimes. We just treat each other as we are.”

“Sometimes I laugh so much the squash comes out of my nose.”

“I love XL food. It’s better than my mum’s cooking. Don’t tell her I said that.”

“It’s a bit like Sunday school. Except it’s really nothing like Sunday school.”

“What do you mean there is no XL on tonight?! Why not?! Well that’s my day just RUINED.”


Why is it called XL?

Jesus said "I have come so that you can have life in all it's fullness." (John 10:10). Or as we like to put it - Life Xtra-Large. XL is one of the places we have where we try to discover together what Jesus was on about and how we can have that kind of life.

How old to you have to be?

It starts at school year4. We don’t specify an upper age limit but we find that by year 8 most prefer to move onto THE POINT, the Friday night youth group for year 7-9s. Some stay on to become young leaders.

What does it cost?

The resources to run XL comes out of our main church budget. We ask that everyone coming contributes £2 each week to the cost.

Do you have to be, yknow, churchy to come?

No. We know faith is a journey and XL is for anyone, wherever they are on that road (including those who don’t think they are on it at all!). XL is about exploring what Jesus meant when he said “I’ve come so that you can have life to the full.”

How can I find out more?

 There are all sorts of ways to find out more about XL. Contact the church office, email Steve Henwood (our children’s and youth minister - or come along on a Thursday and find out for yourself. 




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